About Us

"Create Your Own Constellation"

We are an up and coming clothing brand based out of The Bay Area, California. Planes&Rockets is not only a clothing line but a lifestyle as well. To dream BIG and out of this world & not let anyone stop you from doing what you believe in. Everything begins as an idea & it is up to you to work at it. Make your dream your reality. Everyone is waiting on the next Big Thing believe in yourself and find something you love to do so you wont have to call it work, something you wont mind doing everyday. We are from the beautiful state of California and fashion is everywhere, We are different inspired by our environment and it shows in our clothing. Our brand is called Planes&Rockets because as a kid we looked up & that's all we would see planes in the sky and rockets taking off, that showed us that anything is possible for man to accomplish. We thank all our supporters and followers that join our movement, also to those who will soon fly with us. Expect bigger and better every season from us becuase we will never stop flying.